LD Systems Vægbeslag SAT WMB 10 B

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LD Systems Vægbeslag SAT WMB 10 B


Wall & ceiling bracket for loudspeaker systems up to 10 kg

The LDSATWMB10 is fully adjustable on all axes and can therefore be individually aligned. It is compatible with all SAT G2 speakers and Dave 8 satellites, but is also suitable for direct installation in the wood or plastic housing of other speakers.

It comes with a 20 cm long steel safety cable, with which the mounted speakers can be secured against falling, in accordance with BGV-C1 § 7.

Please note:

On account of statutory regulations (BGV-C1 §7 "Protection against falling objects"), loudspeakers, in addition to being attached to a wall bracket, must be secured against falling with a device such as a wire rope.


















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EAN: 4049521164644
Product number: LDSATWMB10B
Product type: wall bracket
Material: steel
Surface: powder coated
Colour: black
Max. load: 10kg
Weight: 0,5kg
Additional information: multiple adjustable on all axis, including safety wire (length 20mm)