JBL LSR310S Aktiv Studie Subwoofer

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JBL LSR310S Aktiv Studie Subwoofer

10" Powered Studio Subwoofer With XLF

  • Extend your system LF all the way down! The LSR310S subwoofer incorporates JBL?s patented Slip Stream? Port working in concert with a custom 10" down-firing driver and a 200 Watt amplifier to add deep, powerful bass to any studio monitor system. A JBL first, the XLF Extended Low Frequency setting lets you hear your tracks with the augmented bass tuning used in today?s dance clubs.


  • JBL Patented Slip Stream? Port
This patented JBL port design works in concert with the LSR310S low frequency driver for deep, dynamic bass response at all playback levels. The double-flared shape of the port is precisely calculated to optimize low-frequency extension.
  • XLF Extended Low Frequency Setting
A JBL first, the XLF setting activates a specially-engineered tuning that emulates the ample bass tuning used in today's dance clubs. When producing a dance track, the XLF setting will inspire you and bring a bit of the club to your control from. For inspiration to the max, position the LSR310S in the nearest corner of your room and activate the XLF setting.
  • Custom 10" Down-Firing High Excursion Low Frequency Driver
JBL Transducers are legendary for their performance. The custom-designed driver in the LSR310S exemplifies JBL engineering prowess, delivering deep low frequency response into the 20 Hz region, and 113 dB peak output, for long periods at full rated power with no risk of failure.
  • Professional Balanced Inputs and Outputs
with balanced XLR and 1/4" inputs and XLR outpus you can add the LSR310S to any studio monitor system to extend its low frequency performance or use it as the ".1" LFE Channel in a surround sound system. Selectable Input Sensitivity
  • The -10dBV/+4 dBu sensitivity switch ensures compatibility with a broad range of signal sources, allowing you to connect the LSR310S to high-output professional equipment without any danger of input overload. Three Crossover SettingsThe 80 Hz setting is recommended for use with the LSR305, LSR308 or any studio monitors. The External setting allows use of an outboard crossover.
  • Volume Control
    Simple and effective, the LSR310S volume control has detents that make it easy to balance the LSR310S in your studio monitor system

Also known as: LSR 310 S, LSR-310 S, LSR310 S, LSR-310 S, LSR-310S

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  • Aktiv studie subwoofer med indbygget 200 Watt digital forstærker.
  • Udstyret med 10" basenhed der yder 113dB.
  • Professionelle tilslutninger der passer til LSR305 og LSR308 monitors.
  • Kompakt design med dyb kraftig bas til enhver studie opsætning.
  • Specielt designet til moderne club musik.


Varenr.: JBL-LSR310S
EAN: 691991035517


250mm (10-inch) High-Excursion, Down-Firing


Low Frequency Extension

27 Hz


Max Peak SPL

113 dB


Amplifier Power

200 W CLass D


Crossover Settings

80 Hz, XLF, External



2 x XLR, 2 x TRS Balanced



2 x XLR


Maximum Peak Input Level

+20.3 dBu


Dimensions (HxWxD)

448 mm x 381 mm x 398 mm 


15.6 kg / 34.3 lbs