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LD Systems DAVE 8 XS

The LD System DAVE 8 XS is a portable and compact 2.1 multimedia system. It is equipped of a powerful 8? Bandpass subwoofer (150 W RMS) and 2 x 4? + 1? silk dome satellites (2 x 100 W).

It delivers a crystal clear sound and was designed for all kinds of multimedia applications such as home recording, AV applications, DJ & Keyboard monitoring, PA for small sized public facilities (such as bars/pubs) etc. The class A/B amplification module integrated in the subwoofer delivers a high output and powers both sub and satellites. The LD DAVE 8 XS features XLR and RCA Phono Line inputs, as well as all common protective circuits. The integrated limiter keeps your system safe from an overload and will guarantee a long operational life. On the side of the sub you will find an on/off switch, an 180° phase reverse and a separate subwoofer volume knob allowing you to find the perfect sound balance between crystal clear high tones, punchy mids and powerful bass.

From serial no. 130818000001 the satellite loudspeakers feature a 16 mm poole-mount flange for compatibility with the LD DAVE 8SET2 loudspeaker stands.

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  • Kompakt lydanlæg bestående af subwoofer og 2 tophøjtalere.
  • Aktiv 8" subwoofer med indbygget 350 Watt RMS Digital forstærker.
  • 2 passive fuldtone højttalere udstyret med 2 stk. 4" mellemtone og 1" diskant.
  • Perfekt til hjemmestudiet eller mindre bands og mobile diskoteker.


EAN: 4049521108518

LD Systems Dave 8 XS


Product number: LDDAVE8XS
Product type: PA system
Type: active
colour: black
Max. SPL (continuous): 117dB
Frequency response: 45Hz
dispersion (H x V): 60 x 60
Weight: 31,4kg


low/mid driver dimensions: 8"
low/mid driver dimensions (mm): 203mm
woofer magnet: Ferrite
woofer brand: Custom-made
cabinet construction: Bandpass
cabinet material: 15 mm MDF
Cabinet / Housing surface: texture paint
Subwoofer width: 352mm
Subwoofer height: 430mm
Depth Subwoofer: 434mm

Mid/Hi System

Midrange size: 2 x 4"
Midrange size: 2 x 101mm
Midrange magnet: Ferrite
Midrange brand: Custom-made
tweeter dimensions: 1"
tweeter dimensions (mm): 25,4mm
tweeter magnet: Ferrite
tweeter brand: Custom-made
Mid/Hi system impedance: 4Ohm(s)
loudspeaker inputs: 1
Speaker input connections: Speakon compatible
: Closed
Mid/Hi system cabinet material: 12 mm MDF
Mid/Hi system cabinet surface: texture paint
Mid/Hi system width: 144mm
Mid/Hi system height: 350mm
Mid/Hi system depth: 170mm
Mid/Hi system features: 2 x M6 mounting points for wall mounting, 3/8" Adapter for Microphone Stands

Amplifier Module (integrated in Subwoofer)

amplifier: Class A/B (Bi-amp)
Amplifier Output System (RMS): 350W
Amplifier Output Subwoofer (RMS): 150W
Amplifier Output Mid/Hi (RMS): 2 x 100W
protection circuits: overload, short circuit, limiter
cooling: Aluminium heat sink
controls: Subwoofer Volume, Subwoofer Phase Reverse, volume, mains switch (on/off)
Display: Power
power supply: transformer
Operating voltage: 220 V AC - 240 V AC, 50-60 Hz
Line input connectors: XLR, 6.3 mm Jack, RCA
loudspeaker outputs: 2 (Left/Right)
Speaker output connections: Speakon compatible