Atomic Moving Head Wash LED Lotus Zoom PRO300

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Atomic4DJ Moving Head Wash Led Lotus Zoom PRO300

Lotus Zoom Pro300, the last birth within the Lotus family, is a powerful Wash Led RGBW equipped with 19 OSRAM Led of 15 Watt each.

The optical group allows a wide Zoom from 5° to 60° degrees. Chromatic performance of the Led OSRAM is excellent and it is also possible to select 8 different color temperature from 2700 K to 8000 K.

Compact, Light, Fast and Silent the LOTUS ZOOM PRO300 is particularly indicated for Studio TV, Theatrical applications and Live Show.

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  • Professionel movinghead som benyttes på store scener og produktioner 
  • LED Wash movinghead med zoom 
  • 19 x 15 Watt (osram dioder)
  • 14 DMX kanaler 


Varenr.: A4D-62053
Produkttype Wash


LED: 19 LED OSRAM 15 watt RGB 4 in 1
Power: 300 Watt
Operating mode: DMX, Master/slave, Auto, Sound control
DMX channels: 14 CH
Dimensions: 325 x 215 x 370 mm

Weight: 8 Kg